Deploying Topicus KeyHub on VMWare ESX

In the following example an ESX host managed by vSphere is used. Topicus KeyHub needs a minimum of 2 VPU’s, 6GB memory and 80GB disk space. This will be detected during verification of the uploaded image.

Step 1: Download and deploy the image

Download the latest OVA from Upload the image to the ESX host from vSphere. Select the ESX host, Actions and Deploy OVF template.

Figure 1. Download and deploy the image
Select an OVF template

Upload the OVA or enter the network location.

Select a name and folder

Specify a unique name and target location

Select a compute resource

Select the destination host for the Topicus KeyHub VM

Review details

Verify the template details.

Figure 2. Download and deploy the image

Step 2: Configure storage & network

Select storage

Select the storage for the configuration and disk files

Select networks

Select the network where the VM will reside.

Ready to complete

Click Finish to start creation.

Once the OVA is uploaded you can start the VM. In vSphere you can monitor the VM boot process from a webconsole.

Figure 3. Configure storage & network


After boot KeyHub will show the network configuration and the 6-digit password for first login on the console screen. Paste the given link in your browser to start the configuration.

Figure 4. Terminal welcome screen

1.1.3. Step 3: Adjust network settings (optional)

If needed you can adjust the network settings here by pressing S.

Figure 5. Adjust network settings (optional)