How to register a KeyHub account with a business Microsoft 365 account

Registering at KeyHub

Step 1: To register your account click on “Register”.

Step 2: Click on the following icon, . If you are already logged into Microsoft 365, your username will be filled in automatically.

  • If you are not logged in yet, you will be redirected to the Microsoft 365 login page.

Step 3: Choose your KeyHub password. Choose a password that is easy to remember for you, but harder to guess by others.

  • The length of a password is especially important. For example, it can be a (short) sentence.

Step 4: When using the KeyHub app on your phone, you will receive a push notification.

  • Other authentication apps generate a code that can be typed into KeyHub on your laptop/PC.

Step 4.1: When using KeyHub app: Scan the QR code.

  • When using another authentication app: click accept in the KeyHub app or copy the code from the other app.

Step 5: KeyHub will automatically try to pair with an available security key. The browser will also indicate this by means of a notification.

Step 6: After linking you can complete the registration.

Step 7: You can directly request groups during registration. This can also be done later from the dashboard in KeyHub.

  • Your request is assessed by the responsible group manager. Give a short and clear reason why you need access to the group.

Step 8: Done. You can start using Topicus KeyHub!